Friday, February 3, 2012

Update and St. George trip

Eric and I decided to rent an apartment first. Hopefully within the next five months we can venture out and see where to buy a house, so till then this is home.
Moving to vegas has defiantly been an adjustment at least for me. But it helps that Eric loves his job and we both get the comfort that this is where we are suppose to be.
But before we got into tax season we did one last St. George trip. It was my little sis 21 birthday so we celebrated with a bang which included shooting clay pigeons, going out to eat and of course shopping.
It was so good to see our families. But before we headed back home we had to get some baby Guy love!!!
We are sad that we had to come back but we ready to start tax season.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Moving to Vegas

Oh my gravy! I can't believe another month is coming to an end.  It really seems like the days are getting shorter.  I can't believe Christmas is around the corner.  I swear it was yesterday we were sitting in our Sports village condo in St G (since then we have moved twice) staring at the Christmas tree wondering what the next year has in store for us.  We were thinking that hopefully that next Christmas we were going to be in a successful career, buying baby stuff, living in a house, and actually starting to be grown ups.  Needless to say I was living in LAla Land, because not all happened  in one year.  But we do get to start a successful career, that's right, my most fabulous number cruncher husband will be a CPA at PBTK accounting firm in Las Vegas NV. (most of you know, but we didn't tell our ward friends till now cause we didn't want the word to get around just in case we were asked to speak.  But now there are no more Sundays!!!!!
But we both have been running around crazy trying to figure everything out that we need to.  You can tell by looking at my face that this transition has been anything but calming.  Moving seven hours back down south worrying about the weather up north while traveling can ware a woman out.  Not to add trying to find a SAFE and CLEAN place to live iin Vegas.  But with much deep breathing exercises, many hours of lost sleep, and Eric re assuring me that everything will be just fine, we are on our way to a WARMER life in which we welcome with open arms.

We are glad we moved to Salt Lake it is always fun to have a new adventure but it is time to move on.  It is about time I be a stay at home wife and learn how to cook for my always have cooked dinner for the wife husband.  Hopefully I won't dissapoint, but if you see him and he is looking a little skinny if you'll just give him a plate of dinner I am sure he would appreciate it.;)

We are so blessed to start our life in vegas and be able to start a career for our someday family.  We love all of you in Salt Lake and hope you will come see us in March when we are out laying by the pool and you are shoveling snow.  Much Love

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Goodbye Tyler, Hello Tatum, SCPA, and My Second Love

Now that Tyler will be leaving the MTC soon and will be going to Virginia, I am kind of behind.  Cause these pics are from when we saw him the day he went into the MTC.  But we are so proud of him and the decision that he made to serve the Lord for two years.  He was nervous most of the day but he did have a big brother to tell him that everything will be good and how proud he is of his little brother.

We both ordered chocolate milk :)

Since we have moved up here we have become so close with cousins which we feel so blessed to have that opportunity! Coming from a family have six cousins combined together on both sides it is so fun to have Cousins that are endless. Well our cousin Jana and Jake had baby boy #3. His name is Tatum Cody and he couldn't be more perfect! It is amazing when you hold a newborn and how strong the spirit is. We feel so blessed to be able to see this little spirit grow up. 
Eric with Tatum. So precious!

I seriously have the best of friends.   With that being said I am only going to put up some pics of the SCPA's cause Bayes and Colies blogs explain everything and they are much more on top of it than I am.  But Eric and Sky won golf but didn't win overall.  It is still kind of a hard subject for us to talk about but he has a year to get over it.
A SEXY man!!!

Syler Ence, Blair Frei, Jeff Chavira, Jordan Goodrich, my man, Casey Heward, JJ Esplin, Zach Gunn, Adam Gunn

My second life is PRESCHOOL!!!! and I love it!  I have the best kids and I love them all to pieces! They are all so smart and so imaginative. Preschool is so amazing because the kids are so innocent and its the only place that you can show everyone your underwear and compare who has the coolest.  I love seeing my kids work hard at something for weeks then finally accomplish it!!! Their faces light up and they know that they just accomplished something! I love it when my boys pretend that they are daddies.  Little boys playing with babies is so sweet! I totally potty trained one of my little girls at school( with help with mom at home) and it was such a big accomplishment, skittles solve everything!!  I feel so blessed to be doing something that I love during the day and then coming home to someone that I love
Working hard at a puzzle

Saturday, August 27, 2011

5 year mission reunion and weekend

5 year mission reunion and weekend

We are so lucky to have cousins that live up here, we love spending time with them.  On this night Jana and Jake decided to do a date night which we were so excited when they asked us to babysit.  Eric taught them that it is funny when they throw a ball at me.  I kind of fear when we have children but at least they will be loved:)
Eric has been home from his mission almost five years, it is crazy to think that Eric is actually that old! But his mission reunion was last week.  We haven't been to one since he has been home due to school.  So now that we live up here we decided that it would be a great time to go.  We had such a great time but since Eric has been home so long most of the missionaries there came out when he was already home so we didn't know too many, but it was still good to see Pres and Sister Ashton.
Eric and Sister Ashton, she is such an 

amazing woman!

They had a slip and slide over 200 feet, Eric dominated it.
Us at the top of the slip and slide overlooking the pond

Eric going down the zip line

Then on Sunday we went to Ty's three year old birthday party, which was so special to celebrate with him.
 Then later that night we went and played Volleyball with some friends. Bryce and Jessica live above us and we can not think of better friends to have to live so close.  Every Sunday night their families get together and play.  We are so glad when Eric isn't doing school so that we can go.  I am as terrible as they come but I still have a good time :) Eric knew when he married me that I had no athletic ability and accepted it to the point he he asks not to be on my team.  lol.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Where to begin

It has been over a year since I last blogged.  You see we were using Erics mission camera but it broke and being on a tight budget trying to get Eric done with school there was never an extra hundred to buy a new one.  So long and behold our birthdays cane around and I told my parents Eric and I want nothing except a camera.  (Even though Eric could care less to have one) and I got it!   Eric and I have been married for over three years and have maybe took a handful of pics so we have a lot of pics to make up for the lost years.

So where to begin.... We live in Sandy now we have moved four times in the last three years and  three of the times withing the past years.  As of right now we will be staying here until December 17 and hopefully after but we will see.  We really do love it here but we miss home in St,G.

Eric is still in school he was suppose to finish last spring but took an internship and post-poned school.. Then he got another opportunity to intern at the State that is what he is doing now.  As for me I work at a preschool down town and it is fabulous :).

Erics little brother Tyler is going on a mission to Richmond, Virginia and we couldn't be prouder.  We all got together for the farewell and so many friends and family cane and supported Tyler, it was special.  We also said good bye to our nephews and niece who left us for Norman, Oklahoma.  It was so sad to see them go but we know that they are doing what the Lord has asked so all we can do is support them.  At least we still have Guy our one year old nephew is still here and hopefully never leaving!  

For my Birthday Day Dan and Tasha met us at the Gateway and we ate at this way yummy place then shopped.  It was absolutely perfect to have people that I love spend the evening with me.  I had worked all day so I look as though I got hit by a train but whatevs all pics can't all look good.  But throughout the day I got birthday loves from friends and family so thank you everyone for making me feel loved. :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ending the Spring Semester

We are done with Spring semester of 2010, and we are so glad! Eric and I both received our bachelors and are so glad to have that behind us.  Toward the end of the semester I received an award through SUU.  Eric will be doing summer school, he is doing some Master classes to get ahead, so here we go again!  We have been so blessed and are so thankful for the love and support that all of you show us

Also day of graduation it began to snow and has been snowing till May 2.  We will be so glad when the time comes when we will never have to deal with snow in May! 

Friday, March 12, 2010

Well Hello Everyone!

So I know there is no pictures for ya'all to look at and that is due to the fact that nothing has happened since January! haha

Eric and I are still going to school and its still freezing here! I however have quit my job and have been exploring other options.  Eric and I met on March 3 2007, and its crazy to think that was only three years ago.  We are going on our two year anniversary and are super blessed to have eachother. We will both graduate with our bachelors degree this April 30.

We are looking forward to new adventures and what life is without school!